Our union was established to protect the workers in our industry. When workers join together we promote better wages, better benefits and better conditions for all working people.

Organizing is an integral part of our Union's past, present, and future. Organizers are typically the first contact new members have with the Union and are therefore a very important part of our organization.

The primary responsibility of our Organizing Department is the recruitment of non-union workers and contractors. In addition to that, we are dedicated to educating our members, unrepresented workers, non-union contractors and the general public pertaining to our union and it's organizing efforts.

We also work with our contractors, training directors, and union officers to coordinate marketing efforts and community outreach as well as advancing the skill and productivity of our work force to the benefit of our entire industry.

Plumbers Local 34 is part of the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association.

Contact Us

As organizers we welcome your input and we ask for your assistance to grow our union and expand our contractor base.

Twin Cities and Mankato Area:

Kris Godden 651-357-5541